“What you are doing is incredible. From making it affordable and possible for children, who would not get a chance to do it, to accepting every child and encouraging every child and meeting them where they are. It is heartwarming and you are very appreciated. Thank you. If we can be there having fun with you on the field, we will”

“I believe this ministry is wonderful and hope it grows, especially to the greater population of the unreached, at-risk and less privileged families. There is something about sports that can really boost a child’s confidence. I will definitely spread the word, because I believe it is needing in the community. I especially love the biblical addition to the whole concept, because there is nothing greater than to share the love of God, and his son Jesus Christ, in hope that more will be saved”

“In a season where sports and extra curricular activities are hard to squeeze into our family budget, this program has allowed my kids the chance to play! And even when we are beyond this season of pinching pennies, we will be proud to keep on going with NW Football Ministries. And by supporting them, we are helping kids whose families are in a season like ours to get out and play, too!”